Our Locations

For those who have not visited Southern India before, this is an excellent way of discovering it for the first time, particularly for those travelling alone.

Our Locations

The location in north Kerala is a totally secure environment in which to get to know India and make friends, but it is not touristy or clinical. “A perfect soft landing”, as a Keralan student once told me.

We think you will find our chosen bit of India a much cleaner, calmer and quieter version than that you might have been told about or imagined. Come with us and explore this part of India. It may become a lifelong addiction!

Our courses are so entwined with this perfect setting that it is difficult to describe them without mentioning the environment. You will arrive at an open area surrounded by trees, with a mango tree as its focal point, after being driven through narrow, low stonewalled lanes. Staff from our hotel, who will carry your bags through beautiful flowering foliage, await you. Past houses and down sets of stone stairs hewn from the rock and suddenly there is a spectacular view through the palm trees below to a white sandy beach and turquoise sea.

Down more steps to our hotel, which is made up of small groups of rooms scattered around a headland where two beaches meet and a cluster of rocks jut out of the water, holding the sea at bay.

The rocks are a beauty spot and provide a romantic setting for the locals in their beautifully vibrant costumes who come to view the sunset.

From the beaches you can watch both sunrise and sunset, fishing canoes coming and going from their perches on the sand: fish buyers haggle with the swaddled fishermen over the day’s catch. Even the locals are still fascinated by the lottery of what comes in.

This is a truly beautiful environment, with a simple, uncluttered hotel set sympathetically within it. The wonder is that you are always facing out observing the magnificent nature that surrounds all the rooms.

There are two local towns (Kannur and Tellicherry) which can be easily visited by motorised rickshaws if you need more excitement.

Whether you come here to paint or draw the perfect landscape and seascape, or turn landwards and capture a gorgeous flower, fruit and foliage still life; study nature or write your first novel, you have the most perfect setting for it all.